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Kaname Yuasa
A scene

In recent years, Yuasa has been working on the theme of "disorientation" in painting.
His paintings, where he repeatedly "draws and erases at the same time," encompass multiple moments.
In Hentona, a continuation of last year's work, Yuasa paints landscapes that reorganize the distance between himself and a place into a certain scene."

exhibition hall

Hentona Shopping Street

  • Kaname Yuasa


    Born in 1994 in Kyoto, and currently living and working in Okinawa, he graduated from Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, College of Arts and Crafts, Painting Department, Oil Painting Course in 2019. Major exhibitions include a solo exhibition "something else" (BABYBABYHAMBURGER & BOOKS/Okinawa, 2021), Yanbaru Art Festival "A scene" (Hentona Shopping Street Sonohara-san's vacant house/Okinawa, 2021), a solo exhibition, "Write and Forget" (project space hazi/Aichi, 2022), 3331ART FAIR (3331 Arts Chiyoda/Tokyo, 2022), and "The Nearest Goal from the Start" (project space hazi/Aichi, 2022).

  • 【Guest Curator】Megumi Machida


    Born in Naha City and living in the same city. Based in Okinawa, she holds exhibitions and writes both inside and outside the prefecture.
    At the Yanbaru Art Festival 2021-22, she planned "A place/A scene" (Hentona venue).
    Currently, she is preparing for miyagiya exhibition vol.5, which she has been working on since 2018.

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