You Ru Maru
Iju Chandelier

"Iju is a plant species endemic to the Ryukyus, its white flowers dancing in the mountains of Yanbaru.
This flower heralds the season's arrival, moistening the leaves and grass and nurturing a rich ecosystem.
The mellow fragrance of the flowers attracts creatures to dance as well.
Fresh and full of life, the flowers remind us of the richness of Yanbaru and its magnificent natural scenery.
Welcome to Yanbaru.
This is the entrance to the Iju-scented Yanbaru."

  • You Ru Maru


    The art unit Suguru Funaki and Rie Sumi has been active since 2018. Based on the concept of "yui" (connection), "nagare" (flow), and "meguru" (circle), they express the connection and integration of different fields such as yoga and art, creating artworks and products as meditation devices that evoke a sense of relaxation in the mind and body. They create three-dimensional works that incorporate Japanese traditions and techniques and produce light spaces and events. In 2022, they will move their base to Awaji Island and set up a studio in the middle of a rice field.

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