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Makito Takagi
All in Okinawa

The half-month stay in Ogimi Village and the trip by car across the main island from Cape Hedo in the north to Naha in the south, when I was invited to participate in the 2019-2020 festival, was a fulfilling experience that remains strong in my creative life.
The stillness particularly struck me, and the light was softer than I expected. So did the sturdy plants and the limestone stones with a hint of orange, the energy in the air, the wind, waves, people, colors, Dr. Pepper, moss, potatoes, traps, seagrass, incinerators, times, and geography.
In this project, he recalls the fragmentary elements of Okinawa he gained during his previous residency. He will document his thoughts on the screen in paintings and drawings evoked by these fragments. The artist also attempts to create a landscape by composing a group of works.

  • Makito Takagi


    A graduate of the Tama Art University Department of Painting with a major in oil painting, Takaki is an up-and-coming artist who has exhibited her work both in Japan and abroad. Takaki has been depicting images that evoke the depths of the psyche and mystical worlds we do not usually stare at while utilizing her solid painting technique. These images are arranged in a series by composition, such as the "snap-shot" series, which depicts creatures in the dark as if accidentally photographed with a camera using a flash; the "moon-shot" series, which shows motifs bathed in light from other sources like the moon, and the "other world" series, which depicts plants in the dark as if they were being photographed with a camera using a flash. In addition, her "nice form" series shows plant parts as creatures, and the "stack" series of characteristically stacked boxes, cans, metal, machines, and other objects. She also participated in a group exhibition in Berlin last year. And this year, she is preparing for a solo exhibition at a gallery in London and a group exhibition in Spain.

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