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Suzanna van Oers
「Aan Tafel」

In "Aan Tafel," Susanna sits on a chair and table, drawing in various ways.
Then, a game is created between the two-dimensionality of the drawing and the three-dimensionality of the body.
This way, she investigates how "real" a picture can be.
When do we start to believe in our imagination? When does imagination become a reality?
And isn't it always happening?

  • Suzanna van Oers


    Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, the artist graduated from HKU Utrecht School of the Arts in 2019. She explores the medium of video in a variety of ways, including stop-motion, performance, and the physical possibilities of video installation. Her work invites the viewer to look carefully and question their perceptions. In an increasingly efficient society, she wants to make room for doubt and "aimless" play. She is often inspired by everyday reality and chance, characterized by humor, simplicity, and childlike wonder. She is part of several collections, including the collection of the Children's Hospital in Utrecht (UMC/WKZ). In addition to his own artistic activities, including participation in exhibitions, artist-in-residence programs, and art fairs, she has been a lecturer at the HKU Utrecht University of the Arts since 2020.

  • 【Curator for Europe】Gerben Schermer


    Curator of contemporary art and animation.
    Gerben Schermer founded, directed, and developed the international Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF) from 1985 to 2018. He has held board and consultant positions in national and international organizations, structured guest programs, served on juries at numerous film festivals worldwide, and worked as a film producer and publisher. He is also actively involved on the advisory boards of several foundations' grant programs. He has been invited to universities and art academies around the world to give lectures and master classes on various aspects of animation and is regularly involved in the evaluation of student work.
    He is currently working as a curator of contemporary art and animation, including at the Countryside Animafest Cyprus. Since 2019, he has been a co-curator of animation installations and international artist-in-residence at “the Animation & Contemporary Art.” He also co-curated the accompanying International Museum Day and in 2019 he organized a Chinese contemporary animation installation "LIU Yi Solo Project, Aliens and Immigration Office - Soup Salad Pasta Pizza."

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