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Field Trip
The three decided to take a field trip to their respective Okinawa areas and bring back the scenery they saw there. 
Someya was intrigued by the village custom of making shisa and sacred stones. So he will create "vessels" to display them, using styrofoam washed up on the beach as stones.
Yano tried t make something like a plant in a flowerpot, like a person sitting on a chair, like food served or brewed packed in bowls, teacups, cans, etc.
Watanabe said he paints what he noticed when he visited Nago City for the first time. He wants to express the atmosphere of such a relaxing and comfortable place.

  • Satoshi Someya


    Born in Tokyo, he completed the doctoral program at Kyoto City University of Arts Graduate School of Fine Arts and received his Ph.D. in arts in 2014, Interest in the decorative qualities of lacquer led her to research and produce works that take "decoration" and "play" in Japanese culture as clues in a broad sense. Through lacquer material, he examines the role and function of decoration in today's world. Recent exhibitions include "Root Power" (Osaka Nihon Mingeikan, 2021), "Sapporo International Art Festival 2020 Special Edition" (Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art, 2020), and "DISPLAY" (MITSUKOSHI CONTEMPORARY GALLERY, 2020). 2015 Kyoto City New Artist Award.

  • Yosuke Yano


    Born in 1989 in Kyoto, Japan. 2016 Completed the Graduate School of Kyoto City University of Arts, Department of Crafts, Lacquer Work.
    Through wood carving, she expresses a fascination with form-making, drawing, and the transformation of an image into an object.
    Her major solo exhibitions include "Dew and Bunch" (Gallery wks., Osaka, 2020), "Sleeping Tree Dancing Tree" (Itamuro Onsen Daikokuya, Tochigi, 2019), "Shape Rotating Tree" (FINCH ARTS, Kyoto, 2019), "Emerging Root" (Gallery Morning, Kyoto, 2018)
    Major group exhibitions include "Root Power - THE POWER OF ORIGIN-" (Osaka Nihon Mingeikan, 2021), "FLYING WUNDERKAMMER" (toberu, Kyoto, 2019), "Taishi Nishi + Yosuke Yano Exhibition 'Thorn of Coziness'" (8/ ART GALLERY/ Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo, 2017).
    She has participated in the "Kasugayama Art Project" since 2020.
    In 2018, she won the grand prize at the 13th Daikokuya Contemporary Art Open Call Exhibition.

  • Chiaki Watanabe


    Born in 1985 in Kyoto, he completed the Master's program in Oil Painting at Kyoto City University of Arts in 2015.
    His recent solo exhibitions include "memo II" at KUNKUNLUHO laishi (Kyoto) in 2021 and "Slow Culture" at Kyoto City University of Arts Gallery @KCUA in 2021.
    He paints in oil, mainly using motifs of things that caught his attention on his travels.
    By repeating the process repeatedly until he gets the right atmosphere, he aims to create naturalistic paintings without superfluous meanings. “I want to record them as paintings and leave them in a form.”

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