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Spool of Time

SIDE CORE will organize an exhibition of three artists, KOM-I, Daiki Niimi, and KINJO, during the "Yanbaru Art Festival.
This exhibition takes place at an abandoned house in the mountainous area of Ogimi Village, with the theme of "retaining memories" or "remembering memories."
Ogimi Village and Kijoka are famous for the production of Bashofu, described in the explanatory text as "handiwork that runs counter to the speed of civilization.”
The theme of this exhibition is to reminisce about the repetition of time, a time that seems to be fainter than ever.



    Sakie Takasu and Toru Matsushita started their activities in 2012, and Taishi Nishihiro joined in 2017. With the theme of "creating noise in the landscape," the group develops public spaces projects from a street culture perspective. While mainly planning exhibitions, they also engage in various activities such as the "Midnight Walk tour," in which artworks are scattered throughout the city, and visitors tour the city while appreciating architecture, murals, and graffiti.

  • KOM-I


    "She is an artist who mainly uses voice and body in her expressive activities, influenced by Japanese local performing arts and North Indian classical music.
    Her major works include ""YAKUSHIMA TREASURE,"" an album with Oortaichi inspired by Yakushima Island, ""Dreams Nestled in a Stone Chamber Tomb,"" a performance at the Ishibutai Kofun Tumulus in Asuka Village, Nara Prefecture, and a solo performance of Christian Marclay's graphic score ""No!"" In addition, he launched ""HYPE FREE WATER,"" a club activity to learn and advertise water-related issues, with visual artist Jiri Murata.
    She is also active as an actor, appearing in NHK's ""Rainy Day"" and Netflix's ""Followers."" She is the first vocalist of the music unit ""Wednesday Campanella."""



    With his roots in Okinawa, he has been presenting paintings, sculptures, and performances based on American culture, which has deep ties to Japan.
    In the process of repeatedly ""painting"" and ""erasing"" symbols such as ""eyes glowing in the dark,"" ""cereal packages,"" and ""snakes,"" the outlines fade and become ambiguous, transforming them into ""personal beings"" with a charming appearance, just like the artist's own portraits. The outline becomes fuzzier and fuzzier, and the work transforms into a ""personal existence"" with a charming appearance, just like the artist's own portrait. It is like a self-portrait for Kinjo, an act of delving into his roots."

  • Taiki Niimi


    His main activity is to support various artists and musicians in sound and exhibition production through programming and device production, as well as music production. He specializes in shows that fully use multiple technologies to suit the situation and purpose of the project in which he participates. Recently, he participated in the Fuji Rock Festival '21 as a member of ∈Y∋(BOREDOMS)'s new project FINALBY( ). He also participated in the Reborn-Art Festival (2022) with his SIDE CORE project.

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