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Ataru Sato×Natsuko Tanihara×Ebosi Yuasa
Haunted House

The former Shioya Elementary School library is the venue for an exhibition by three unique artists.
Makoto Sato, who depicts obsession, fear, and love with his excessively detailed pencil drawings and unique brush strokes, will spend a week in Okinawa at the end of the year to create a new series of "scary face" paintings.
Natsumiko Tanihara, who paints "beauty mixed with her own negative memories and human darkness" on black and red velvet canvases, will exhibit a 3-meter pastel painting created during her stay in Okinawa, expressing the moment when time intersects between the inhabitants of a foreign land, such as Niraikanai (the land of origin), which is an Okinawa tradition, and people in the present world.
Yuasa Eboshi, who works as "Yuasa Eboshi, a fictional third-rate painter born in the Taisho era," will exhibit a series of works based on the motif of Shunga, never published before his death.
The space where the three artists' works come together will be an exciting space scattered with disastrous and humorous elements that are appropriate to the theme of this exhibition project, the "Haunted House."

  • Ataru Sato


    Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1986, he graduated from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Department of Information Design, Advanced Art Course in 2009, and currently lives and works in Tokyo. Major group exhibitions include "The 8th Gwangju Biennale" (2010), "Yokohama Triennale 2011: OUR MAGIC HOUR - How Much of the World Can We Know? (2011), "Inside" (Palais de Tokyo, 2014), and "Dojima River Biennale 2019" (2019). His works are in the Sapporo Miyanomori Museum of Art collections, the Ryutaro Takahashi Collection, and Louis Vuitton Martier.

  • Natsuko Tanihara


    "She was born in Saitama Prefecture in 1989. In 2016, Kyoto City University of Arts Graduate School of Fine Arts, majoring in oil painting, and 2021, Kyoto City University of Arts, Graduate School of Fine Arts, doctoral course (painting).
    2015 7th Koji Kinutani Award, 2015 Kyoto Exhibition/Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art Award, 2016 VOCA Encouragement Award, 2018 Kyoto City New Artist Award, 2021 39th Kyoto Prefectural Cultural Award Encouragement Award, Umehara Award (Kyoto City) University of the Arts), 2021 Sakuya Konohana Award (Osaka City).
    Using black and red velvet as a canvas, she uses not only oil and acrylic but also glitter, sequins, and metal powder to create ""beauty that mixes her negative memories and human darkness.""
    In 2017, she won the Gotoh Memorial Cultural Award Newcomer Award. She stayed in Paris, France, for a year, from autumn 2017 to autumn 2018, with a grant from the former Goto Memorial Cultural Foundation.
    From 2021, she participated in the artist-in-residence at the National Institute of Japanese Literature ""Naijel Art Creation Lab."" Major exhibitions include the 2021 ""Ukiyo no Kaga"" Ueno Royal Museum Gallery, 2022 ""90th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition of Municipal Establishment: Our Paintings Self-Portrait in the Age"" Hiratsuka Museum of Art (Kanagawa), and many other domestic group exhibitions."

  • Ebosi Yuasa


    "Born in Chiba Prefecture in 1983, Yuasa Eboshi graduated from Toyo University's Faculty of Economics in 2005 and the Painting Department of Toyo Institute of Art and Design in 2008.
    After the bankruptcy of the company he worked for after graduating from university, he decided to become a painter. Since around 34, he has been expressing himself in the setting of ""Yuasa Eboshi, a fictional third-rate painter born in the Taisho^era, Japan,"" with surrealist influences in his fictional biography and meticulous settings.
    Recent exhibitions include ""VOCA 2022: Prospects of Contemporary Art - Artists of the New Plane"" (The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, 2022), ""Takamatsu Contemporary Art Annual vol. 10"" (Takamatsu City Museum of Art, Kagawa, 2022), ""Modes of Fantasy: Madness in Decoration or Surrealism"" (The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, Tokyo, 2022), and ""VOCA 2022: The Art of the New Plane"" (The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Tokyo, 2022). (Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, Tokyo, 2022), ""still life"" (Gallery Koyanagi, Tokyo, 2021), and others.
    His major awards include the 10th Koji Kinutani Award (2018)."

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