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Yuta Niwa
From Kyoto. In Okinawa.

I am based in Kyoto, Japan. In my everyday work, I incorporate local folklore and stories into my artwork.
This time, I will do my first public work, weaving together what I saw and felt while staying in Okinawa, its history and culture.

  • Yuta Niwa


    Painter. Focusing on motifs such as catfish and giant salamanders, she creates works focusing on the history of disasters and plagues that people cannot see, and irresistible forces such as disease and epidemics have always been seen as something black. After completing the graduate course in painting at the Kyoto University of Arts in 2019, she went to Beijing to study. Currently, she has returned to Japan under the influence of COVID epidemic. She is active. Recent major exhibitions include MIDTOWN AWARD 2021 (Grand Prix, Tokyo Midtown, 2021), solo exhibition Namazu no Koumyou (Koumyouin, the pagoda of Tofukuji Temple, 2021), Yanbaru Art Festival Yamahara Chishin (Ogimi Village Former Shioya Elementary School, 2021), Art Award Marunouchi 2019 (Guest Jury Prize, New Tokyo Building, 2019), KUAD ANNUAL 2019 Spaceship Earth (Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2019).

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