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Hideo Nagai
Time For Children

The afterimage and atmosphere of children who used to go to the now-closed elementary school.
The exhibition includes a sculpture of a child that humorously expresses memories, records, and signs of the elementary school that was once crowded with children, an installation using used books from the closed school, and a video work in which Shioya Elementary School graduates talk about their memories and events from those days.

  • Hideo Nagai


    He has created works with an overwhelming presence and a sense of humor that opens the viewer's mind, such as "BABA PROJECT" (2001), a large sculpture that deforms the existence of the subject based on the resistance of invisible forces and his own identity, and "B-PROJECT: Throw at the Navel" (2011). Since then, he has created "Endorphin" (2016), an installation work based on the theme of morphine secreted in the brain by fumigating 150 self-made crutches, and "Time 21106" (2020), a painting work expressing time, simultaneity, and memory/record. Major exhibitions include CAFE in Mito 2004 at Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito, Osaka Canvas Project 2010 at Sakishima Government Building, Kyoto International Film Festival 2016 at Kyoto City Hall Square, and many other solo and group exhibitions. In addition, he received the Incentive Award at Kirin Art Award in 2002.

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