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Kim Sajik

"Narrative" is a group of works created by the artist through his ongoing research into issues surrounding identity in Japan, such as ethnicity, nationality, and gender.
Each photographic work is meticulously set up to create a world with a story that touches the roots of existence, straddles time, and unearths activities and emotions.
As one of the Korean diaspora, I am inevitably connected to the history of Japan and Korea in the modern era as I contemplate my own identity.
In Okinawa, where I first entered in my twenties, I encountered faith, trade, performing arts, nature, and memories of war as I traveled through the land, meeting people.
I feel that these memories I encountered in Okinawa overlap with the experiences I have had in my thinking.
I believe that the histories and memories of people we share are not limited to what has happened in one particular place but have happened contemporaneously in many different areas."""

  • Sajik Kim


    He began working with the "shaking" of his own Korean diaspora's physical and spiritual identity. He creates his work using the technique of staged photography to tell a creative story. While working as a photographer, he studied under the Korean dancer Kim Il-si as part of his activities. While studying traditional Korean performing arts, he explores new possibilities that arise from the trauma of history, and ethnic spirit passed down from generation to generation in the diaspora. Currently, he is continuing his research in Sakhalin, Russia, with the cooperation of the Japan-Sakhalin Association and others. He is currently working hard to complete the video work "AMA: swimming with the virus" ( with a diverse group of members from FY2020. His first photo book "Monogatari" will be published in December 2022 by Akaakasha, Inc. and won the Canon New Cosmos of Photography Grand Prix in 2016 and the Kyoto Prefecture Culture Award Encouragement Prize in 2021.

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