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"The “noren,"" which is a boundary between spaces but allows air to pass through from both sides, is like a ""wall"" that separates space or a ""window"" that allows one to feel the air outside, but it is a little different and mysterious from those.
As we live different kinds of selves depending on the other side and its environment, there are times when we want to be alone as if we were building a wall, and other times when we can open ourselves up openly, with nothing to hide.
When separating you and the other side, the “noren” stops you quietly like a wall and does not move, but when it connects you to the other side, it shakes and changes its shape with a sound.
What kind of “noren” applies to the people on the other side, the culture there, and what kind of self can you be there?
I feel that she maintains a relationship with herself and others by searching for the right balance between remaining still in one form and changing without being caught up in anything.
And sometimes, it may be necessary to disassemble the countless beads and reconstruct a new form."

  • Keeenue


    Born in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1992, the artist currently resides in Kamakura. He has been involved in a wide range of activities, including mural painting, three-dimensional painting, and providing artwork. Many people have appreciated his original and vivid worldview, both figurative and abstract. He has exhibited his works mainly in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. He has also garnered attention for his numerous collaborations with Nike, Facebook, SHAKE SHACK, and others. Major solo exhibitions and projects include "The Me in the Mirror" (OIL by Bijutsu Techo, 2022), "ODD ONE OUT" (HARUKAITO by island, 2021), "Story in Story" (hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO, 2019), "PROJECT ATAMI" (2022), "pop&street -AN ANNUAL" (2021-2019), etc.

  • 【Guest Curator】Haruka Ito


    "General Director of PROJECT ATAMI. Representative Director of Island Japan Co.
    Born in Shiga Prefecture in 1979. Graduated from Kyoto University, Faculty of Law. Graduated from Kyoto University, Faculty of Law.
    After working as the director of Kyoto University of Arts Art and Design's Art Editing Research Center, magical, and ARTROOM, she started “island” in 2010.
    She has been active in bridging art and society by managing galleries, managing artists, and coordinating and planning external projects such as Roppongi Art Night, Terada Warehouse, ACAO SPA & RESORT, and the 108 ART PROJECT.
    She teaches art communication at the School of Cultural Conceptual Studies, Waseda University."

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