Jimmy Onishi
Art-wrapped car "Ring"

This art-wrapped car was created in 2004 with the motif of "The Circle" by Jimmy Onishi.
"Rivals have different wishes."
Various flora and fauna depicted in the vivid colors typical of Jimmy Onishi blend into the Okinawan landscape.
The original paintings are on exhibit in the lobby space of Okuma Private Beach & Resort, one of the exhibition venues.

  • Jimmy Onishi


    Jimmy Onishi has appeared on many TV shows with his natural character and shocking laugh. He is also famous for his many realistic episodes and is a comedian with many one-liner gags. Yomiuri TV program, highly acclaimed by prominent artists and experts, featured his paintings in an episode titled "Jimmy Onishi: Debut on the Art World." In 1993, he held his first solo exhibition and began his career as a painter in earnest. Since 2022, he has been busy with "POP OUT," a national traveling collection of works commemorating 30 years of Jimmy Onishi's painting career.

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