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Aya Ito×Hsu ChihYu
The myth from the botom of the sea

We think everything in the world was born from the sea.
“Okinawa is an island surrounded by the sea, and Yanbaru is an area in the mountains.
Creatures born, forgotten events, truths, and untruths, stories heard from someone, everything is born from the sea, grows up in the mountains, and goes back to the sea.
Japan is an island, and Taiwan is an island. We may fantasize about the vast ocean, and our own myths may be born and nurtured.
Yanbaru Sake Brewery has provided a wall, and we will create a mural."

exhibition hall

Yanbaru Sake Brewery

  • Aya Ito


    Born in Wakayama in 1987, she is a contemporary Japanese artist active both in Japan and abroad. She has won the 2011 Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2011, the Shu Uemura Award, the Yuko Hasegawa Award, and more. Her work is in collections such as the Bigotti Collection, Montblanc Japan, and Hitotsubashi University. She has so far exhibited "Resonance Resonant Art" (Suntory Museum [Mt. Tempo], 2010), "Wakayama and Kansai Artists: Her Real Reality" (The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama, 2015), etc. In 2017, "AYA ITO & ATSUSHI KAGA IT HAPPENS TO BE" (Pallas Projects/Studios, Ireland), and in 2020, "Lava drop ~ Aya Ito's first collection 'RAPID RABBIT HOLE' publication commemorative exhibition ~" (gallery ON THE HILL, Tokyo).

  • Hsu ChihYu


    She was born 1990 in Taipei, Taiwan. 2017, and graduated from Kyoto City University of Arts Graduate School of Fine Arts, majoring in sculpture.
    Her exhibitions include 2022 "Flat stones and round pebbles" (shvetams/Japan), 2016 "??? Presentation???" (Ho-Yo Space/Taiwan),
    2021 "ARTISTS' FAIR 2021" (Kyoto Culture Museum/Japan), 2019 "6.6" (Ho-Yo Space/Taiwan),
    2017 "still moving 2017: far away/so close" (@KCUA/Japan), 2016 "Modus Operandi" (ENSBA/France),
    She also participated in group exhibitions such as “fabric, light and dirty” (ARTZONE/Kyoto) in 2016.

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