Aya Ito

We will change the image of the coin laundry the locals love while retaining its original loveliness
We hope it will continue to be loved.
An Irish husband once said that the sound of saying “coin laundry” and the song "Koi no Bo-ri" are similar.
A theme song arranged from "Koinobori" will play at the venue.

Original Music by Fenian B
Coordination:KUBO Hayato(Quantum Leaps Complex Office)

exhibition hall

Hentona Shopping Street

  • Aya It


    Born in Wakayama, in 1987, she is a contemporary artist active in Japan and abroad. She is the recipient of the 2011 Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi 2011, the Shu Uemura Prize, and the Yuko Hasegawa Prize, among others, and her works are in the collections of the Bigotch Collection, Montblanc Japan, Hitotsubashi University, and others. She has exhibited in "Resonance: Resonance, Art that Resonates with People" (Suntory Museum [Tempozan], 2010), "Artists in Wakayama and Kansai: The Real of the Real of the Real" (Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama, 2015), etc. In 2017, she exhibited in "AYA ITO & ATSUSHI KAGA IT HAPPENS TO BE" (Pallas Projects/Studios, Ireland) 2017 and "Lava drop - Exhibition to Commemorate Publication of Aya Ito's First Work Collection "RAPID RABBIT HOLE" (gallery ON THE HILL, Tokyo) in 2020. HILL, Tokyo), in 2020.

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