EMP Gallery

EMP Gallery organizes exhibitions of paintings both in Japan and abroad.
By sponsoring and exhibiting at the Yanbaru Art Festival, they hope to contribute to the local community by strengthening the relationship between Japan and the rest of the world, further developing art and culture, and disseminating artists' works from Okinawa to the world.

  • Mitsunori Makino


    While creating works with Mt. Fuji as a motif, he is also creating landscapes representative of the region.
    His pointillist compositions are characterized by the sensation of light emanating from the contrasting colors that leap off the canvas and mix three-dimensionally in front of the viewer.
    He has been active on the world stage in France, England, Switzerland, Monaco, and elsewhere. His works based on local landscapes are highly acclaimed internationally.
    At an art fair in Switzerland in 2017, he was featured on the catalog cover introducing the exhibited works.

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