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CMTK(Chihiro Mori×Teppei Kaneuji) CMTK(Chihiro Mori×Teppei Kaneuji)
Star & Dust (OKINAWA)

"In the ""Star & Dust"" series, he creates an installation that uses a printing technique called ""lenticular,"" in which zz
In this series, Kim consistently takes images taken or collected by Mori and collages them together.
Mori photographs the beauty and light of things and situations that momentarily pass away or are treated like trash or a gateway to somewhere other than here. Yet, at the same time, he collects images of ""stars"" from various glorious times.
The images that he replaces or are in the process of being replaced contain familiar others, foreign objects, mysteries, shared and unshared, and through their presence, imagine, invert, misread, mishear, and mix images and events from distant times and places or there.
For the viewer to see or experience these images, which contain a certain kind of movement, the viewer must move not only his or her gaze but also the body.
In addition to the Star & Dust (KYOTO) and (ATAMI) series, the artist has created a new series (OKINAWA) using photographs taken in Okinawa last year, which are combined in this installation."

  • CMTK (Chihiro Mori×Teppei Kaneuji)


    CMTK's collaboration begins with Kim editing, collaging, and connecting photographs of streets, landscapes, TV screens, and other objects that Mori has taken daily over many years. The resulting sculptural works use various materials, including lenticular prints on marble and concrete, animation, and video. They have participated in Art Collaboration Kyoto 2021, Yanbaru Art Festival 2021-2022, Kyoto Experiment 2022, and Atami Art Grant 2022. Parcel (Tokyo), Jane Lombard Gallery (New York), and other venues.

  • Chihiro Mori


    Incorporating fragments picked up through observation of the city from his unique perspective, he uses various techniques, including painting, drawing, sculpture, animation, photography, and installation.
    His works are anarchic and humanistic, with the coexistence of disquiet and beauty, raw cruelty and fun.
    His major solo exhibitions include "omoide in my head" (Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, 2017) and others. In 2007, he was selected as one of the artists to create the "Tokyo 2020 Official Art Poster".

  • Teppei Kaneuji


    He collects everyday objects and creates works using a collage technique. His works take various forms, including sculpture, painting, video, and photography.
    He is consistently seeking to devise a system of modeling that reveals the relationship between material and image.
    Major solo exhibitions include "S.F. (Something Falling/Floating)" (Ichihara Lakeside Art Museum, 2022).

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